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Lesson 1: Topic-Comment Sentence Pattern 1

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In this lesson, i heard you told about dowloads lesson notes. but i don't know how to take it. Can you helps me? please.


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its very helpfull .;...i learned from it thank u so muuchhhh .. good nd Awsome nd funny teacher

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i learned some things i didn't know about them 

이다 verbe

합니다 style &  해요 style

감사합니다 선생님 :D

hi friends i'm saber
i'm from tunisia north of africa
i want to learn korean cause i like it :D :D

안녕 진구
고마워 for accepting me
저는 사블이에요
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만나서 반갑슴니다 :D :D

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Just keep write what you are excited about, and the readers will come to your posting.


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thanks to the team of this site who arranged lessons for new learner of korean language . i find it better if one thing team of this site add it would be better that option to ask question 



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Ohhhhh im going to watch this for5 months? eh haha

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Thank you very much for this excelent course .. i really had fun and i enjoyed learning today ... i understood very well ..

thank you so much Teacher  ^____^

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PS to previous - It appears the editor did not retain the screenshot inserted - apologies

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There are literally thousands of questions, that could be asked, however they will be limited to those that seem to have the greatest immediate relevance.

As an adjunct to the course you are offering. Music Videos, are being used, that have subtitleing prefferably with all Hangul, Romanization and english translations, for the following reasons;

  1. English Translation: to give the context of the statements
  2. Romanization: assists with Pronunciation as it has been observed that there can be a marked difference between the sounding of consonants dependendent upon thier association with other consonants; as a means of visualising and clarif\ying what one has heard sung, also as a method of further reinforcing ones' familiarity with Hangul as it is converted from romanization to Hangul,
  3. Hangul: as a validation of what has been done as one attempted conversion (which is usually close to being correct, except for situations such as: In the romanised form where, as an example, the letters "aeu" are in a contiguous sequence, should they be segregated as or ae.u). One could go on a lot further but it would seem that the issue has been demonstrated.

In the song "Wishlist" by "A Pink" there is the following line:-

  • Hangul:- .너 너 너 내 마음으로 와줘
  • Romanized as:- neo neo neo nae maeumeuro wajwo,
  • Translated as:-  you you you, come into my heart  (Admittedly more a paraphrasing than a transliteration)

However, Using various Hangul dictionaries and a couple of translators I have not been able to find a definition / translation. for 와줘
Using translators for the whole line returns "You you you my pl"  an example is shown in the screenshot below.

A similar situation has been encounted with several other words even in this small snapshot of the Korean language.

As a matter of interest would you be able to supply a definition / translation (prefferably a transliteration) of 와줘.

Would you be able to refer other resources that would aid in the advancement of studies (in addition to those mentioned in the videos). Also, would you know if there is available, a parsing tree, which defines the structure of Hangul.

It is also curious how the name Jason (as used in video A1-v1) was converted to Hangul as  ㅈㅔ이손 rather that the literal letter substitution of 자손 or the closer phonetic spelling of 재손. Would you have any idea as to the rationale behind this process.

Your attention in these matters will be very much appreciated.

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I  have little desire to visit other sites as well. Your site is great. Since now there are no other websites to accompany/complement your lecture, I  have a suggestion. Would it be possible to show a post right below the clip, that lists, in Korean, the most important words used in the lesson? You did this for some of the lessons in the Alphabet section.  It was very helpful

For instance, around 26:49 you mention formal and casual. Earlier you mentioned 오전;   I have not been able to locate one of its variations you showed. I am making notes of the main points in your lessons but  would have a tough time finding some of these words in a dictionary.  Another advantage of a post would be that it allows students to just copy and paste the most important words. I am decidedly not advocating something that would take a lot of your time. However, something simple would be of great help to absolute beginners, such as myself. As i said, just a thought...

PS: Earlier this week i installed the Korean IME editor but i don't know yet how it works. With the Chinese editor you type in the pinyin and then the editor will give you a number of characters to select from  (typically, the correct choice is one of the first options listed). I tried to type the romanization for the Korean IME so that i might get the words for casual and formal but the results given were complete nonsense.  And the online dictionary i am using doesn't show the Korean for formal "to be" either.

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Thank you very much for your thoughtful insight and suggestions.  I completely agree with you.  I am very much willing to revise and add more contents and videos on Korean lessons as my time and brain and power^^ allow.  I guess the first step will be adding a lesson note as you suggested.^^

About IME... Not like chinese letter, Korean ones are similar to English typeset. But you have to follow Korean type setting, NOT romanization.  For example if you want to type 사랑, you'd want to type TKFKD, NOT SARANG in Korean input mode in IME.  See for Korean keyboard layout^^ 


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Thank you for your quick reply and for providing the link to the Korean keyboard layout. How stupid of me to think that the Korean approach would be more like Chinese (with its thousands of characters) than to English which has an alphabet that approaches the Korean one in terms of limited  characters - but definitely not in beauty!

Now i like to revise my suggestion. I don't see a great necessity to see critical words in the lesson typed in a post from which one can do a copy & paste job. Since the IME is relatively  simple, it is good exercise for the students to just copy them themselves as the words appear in your clip.

The presidential debate (Go Obama!) is about to start here in the US and i don't want to miss that.  Lateron this evening i will test how easy this task is by going back to lesson 1 and try to duplicate myself the words you write down.  If i don't comment on it anymore, just assume it is a piece of cake.for students to do this on their own.

I have to say it is a well-kept secret what a beautiful language Korean is!


Update: i added Korean words to my notes on this lesson. It was good practice. Of course, rather slow because i had never done it before. Just because it slowed me down it gave me a chance to digest and retain more of this lesson. Today i also did the phrase section on What is your Name. There, a complete text was available that i could copy and paste. This was very convenient but, to tell the truth, i didn't get as much out of it as when i was forced to write the words myself in Korean.

So, instead of adding text in Korean to your lessons perhaps somewhere early on you can refer to IME editor.

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Hello, I think it is actually a good idea to add a summary part for each video.  As I might have said in one of my videos I'm not a certified Korean teacher at all, so I have to actually study before I make any videos...  BUT your enthusiasm actually kindled me again and I will put more efforts to "Learn Korean" section.  In the mean time, if you have any questions please let me know.  I can usually see all the comments made to me, so Let's do it!  I would be really happy if you can speak basic Korean within 6 month.  Oh, one thing about the comments system.  I'm using a threaded commenting system, so you can actually reply to the very comment, not necessary to the main content, especailly when the main content is NOT written by me.^^

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It may be helpful for beginners if there was a summary or some text as an anchor for them to use.  Yeah, i would be really happy, too, if i could speak basic Korean within 6 months! Let's see how it goes. In any case, there will be plenty of opportunities for me to practice Korean as i live near a large community of Koreans in Portland, Oregon. I visit a large Korean food market several times a week where i also pick up a free copy of their Korean newspaper.

As to the forum, i believe it is not possible to start a new topic. Is this right? I had no problem replying to a post but when i tried to start a new topic i didn't know where to put it. It went to the wrong place and i ended up deleting it. No big deal. It would be nice if the forum had a section/topic where members could make suggestions. Just a ... suggestion :)

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For forum issues please see this and hopefully it works for you^^  Portland, Oregon.. if my memory is correct it's near the Intel town.  Isn't it? and good beers in general^^

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Thank you for explaining how the forum works. Yes, there is a huge Intel plant in Hilsboro, just west of Portland. Have you lived in the US? I ask since your English is excellent.

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I clicked on the link provided earlier in this lesson. it seems is defunct and the domain is up for sale. Could you confirm this? Because if true, i will buy the Integrated Korean books. I am most interested in the grammar rules and it seems that both Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 offer the same grammar sections, etc. In that case I will only buy book 2, since it is cheaper.

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I am sorry but that domain is gone.. So far I have only two chapter worth lessons and I am not sure when I can complete the rest of them..  In the mean time maybe you can check out - it'm mostly free and the quality is very good.^^

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As an ESL teacher I enjoy the course. I have Latinos students in which I can go back and forth in Spanish and English. It makes it easy for the sudents and parents to communicate in their native language.  Some of my students are Korean and I it is important that I communicate with them and their parents as well.  This makes the process of learning English easier when I can compare their first language with the second language.  Thank you